Probiotics: The Protector of Digestive Health

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Earlier this month Tai Sun Hong (Asia) had the pleasure of introducing an addition to their ever expanding compendium of supplements; KonWeiPo Probiotics Powder Drink

 KonWeiPo® Probiotics Powder Drink     益生菌固体饮料
KonWeiPo® Probiotics Powder drink is infused with active friendly bacteria that help maintains a healthy balance of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, supports immunity and a healthy digestive system.
KonWeiPo® 益生菌固體飲料含有高活性有益生菌,有效維持腸道菌種的平衡,保持腸道健康及正常免疫功能。
KonWeiPo Probiotics Powder Drink
 Benefits 功效
  • Helps maintains balance & amount of good bacteria in the digestive tract
  • Supports intestinal motility & absorption of nutrients
  • Supports immunity of the digestive tract
  • 改善大腸內衛生態的平衡,增加體內的有益菌
  • 維持消化系統健康,促進營養吸收
  • 活化腸道,維持腸道蠕動功能
  • 維持正常免疫系統
    Recommended For 适用人士
    • People with difficulty with bowel movements
    • People who have irregular bowel movements
    • People who lack regular exercise
    • Maintaining health of the digestive system
    • People concerned with blood sugar & cholesterol
    • 便秘困擾人士
    • 排便不規律人士
    • 缺乏運動及經常外食或攝取高熱量食物人士
    • 活化腸道,維持腸道蠕動功能
    • 關注血糖、血脂、血黏、心腦血管的人士

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