Kickstart Your Metabolism with Enzymes

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Enzymes are the widgets of our digestive dissasembly line that break down food into smaller forms for the body's absorption. Ideal for people who experience indigestion after a heavy and oily meal, KonWeiPo® Fruit & Vegetable Enzyme Powder Drink comes in a convenient sachet, packed with natural enzymes derived from fresh fruits and vegetables.

 KonWeiPo® Fruit & Vegetable Enzyme Powder Drink    綜合果蔬酵素粉固體飲料
KonWeiPo® Fruit & Vegetable Enzyme Drink is created from the fermentation of the freshest fruits and vegetables. The fermentation process produces enzymes that are beneficial for metabolism and digestion.
KonWeiPo® 酵素是由多種新鮮水果蔬菜進行深層發酵,提取的一種含生物活性的成分,也被曾為「酶」。
KonWeiPo Fruit & Vegetable Enzyme Powder Drink
 Benefits 功效
  • Improves metabolism and detoxifies the body
  • Improves fat burning and absorption of nutrients
  • Expels toxins and supports circulation
  • Supports a healthy immune system
    • 促進新成代謝,排除體內雜質,潤腸通便,改善便秘
    • 促進食物消化及吸收營養,分解脂肪,增加熱能消耗
    • 排泄血液中的毒素,淨化血液,促進血液循環,整理體內環境
    • 排毒養顏,增強免疫力
        Recommended For 适用人士
        • People with difficulty with bowel movements
        • People with poor appetite
        • Detoxifies and improves metabolism
        • People with high-calorie diets & lack exercise
        • People concerned with blood sugar & cholesterol
          • 便秘困擾人士
          • 食慾不振、倦怠無力人士
          • 欲排毒、增強代謝、恢復體型人士
          • 缺乏運動及經常外食或攝取高熱量食物人士
          • 關注血糖、血脂、血黏、心腦血管的人士

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