Everwell 多維蛋白粉 (Multi-Vitamin Whey Protein) 400g

Everwell 多維蛋白粉 (Multi-Vitamin Whey Protein) 400g


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產品編號: E4032

成份: 大豆分離蛋白粉,乳清蛋白粉,葡萄糖,木糖醇,甜菊糖甙,磷酸三鈣

規格: 400克




Product Code: E4032

Ingredients: Soy protein powder, whey protein powder, soybean milk powder, milk powder, creamer, glucose, maltodextrin, salt, Dicalcium phosphate, ferrous gluconate, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C

Specification: 400g

Product Description
Multivitamin supplement can help improve health, while gaining weight or building muscle. Protein powder contains the substance protein, which the body needs to support red blood cell production, the immune system and healthy tissues throughout the body. Several vitamins and minerals within multivitamins are used for the same functions. 

Recommended Serving
For each serving, mix and blend 10 grams of protein powder with water or juice. Vary the thickness of the protein shake as desired.

Keep the cover tightly closed. Place it in a cool and dry place.